Frequently Asked Questions


According to the creators of this service, "AYC" stands for two things: "Are you cheating" and "AIDS in your community." Both are interchangeable and highly relevant to this service and its user base. For more information about AYC, please visit our About section. will give you the power to better navigate your relationship decisions. uses a powerful, custom-designed search engine which connects members by percentages ranging from 25%-100%. The more information that a member provides within the search criteria the higher the member chances to receive their desired match. In order to use our custom search engine, you must first create an account with our site.

Once a percentage match is made, you will have the option to exchange email addresses with the match to engage in direct conversation outside of our site or send them a short message from within our system. In order to view percentage matches, you must be logged into our site.

No, was designed to give its members the ability to remain completely anonymous during the whole search process. Members have the option of creating a username instead of using their real personal information.


Use the JOIN TODAY FOR FREE sign up area on any of our site visitor pages to create your account. Once your account is created, you will be able to login and create your own profile from the MY ACCOUNT section.

Once you are logged in to our system, go to the MY ACCOUNT section to view and edit your profile. You may change your username from the "Edit Profile" area. To change your password, click the "Change Password" button and follow the instructions thereafter.


Submit your complaint and all comments to us directly via our contact page.

AYC welcomes all comments and suggestions. We are dedicated to bringing our members a safe and smooth user experience. Use our online contact page to share your feedback.