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Find Out if Your Partner is Cheating


AYC Shows You How to Find Out if Your Partner is Cheating



They’re acting suspiciously. Things they have been saying and doing don’t make sense. You caught them in lies. But how do you really know your partner has not been faithful? Find out if your partner is cheating.


Our Mission


Finding out if your partner is cheating may seem impossible. That’s why AreYouCheating.com was created. Our service anonymously connects you to your partner’s other lovers, empowering everyone — married and single — with the ability to determine if their partners are cheating.


Our mission is to help you: quickly overcome your suspicions, avoid sexually transmitted infections, save time, money, and energy, maintain privacy and safety, move forward confidently in healthy and transparent relationships.


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AYCSite.com will give you the power to better navigate your relationship decisions.


According to the creators of this service, "AYC" stands for two things: "Are You Cheating" and "AIDS in Your Community." Both are interchangeable and highly relevant to this service and its user base.


AYCSite.com uses a powerful, custom-designed search engine that connects members by percentages ranging from 25%-100%. The more information that a member provides within the search criteria, the higher the chances to receive their desired match. To use our custom search engine, you must first create an account with our site.


No need to worry about privacy — our searches are completely anonymous. AYCSite.com was designed to give its members the ability to remain completely anonymous during the whole search process. Members have the option of creating a username instead of using their real personal information.



How to Find Out if Your Partner is Cheating:


Learn the Signs:


1. Something doesn’t feel right. Trust your gut. You know when something is off. You know your partner’s routines, demeanor, and personal hygiene. Has the bathroom become their new favorite place? If they’re showering more than usual, right when they come home or taking their phone in the bathroom with them, they may be hiding something. Are they suddenly snapping at you for no reason when you used to never fight? They could be looking for an excuse to storm out...and meet someone else.


2. They’ve become distant, emotionally disconnected, or have flat out stopped talking other than one-word responses. You live together but feel like roommates instead of partners. Your relationship feels cold. You barely interact except for passing on the way out the door to work. You don’t talk about your feelings, your day, dinner (when was the last time you ate together?), or anything at all. You used to be the No. 1 priority, but now it’s like your partner doesn’t care at all about your wants, needs, and desires. They don’t ask about your day or your feelings or opinions on anything.


3. Your partner accuses you of cheating. Wait, what???? No proof. No evidence. They’re just turning the tables. It’s very common for a cheater to try to deflect what they’re doing by accusing their partner. If they continue to accuse you of being unfaithful and sneaking around, it could easily be a reflection of their own actions. It’s a classic case of smoke and mirrors. They are turning your attention from what is really going on.


4. Your finances are off. There is mysterious money missing from the joint checking account that is unaccounted for and there are charges on your credit card for things you didn’t buy. Or charges from restaurants you never ate at or hotel room stays. It’s also possible your S.O. opened another account without you or has cash stashed away for playtime with another.


5. They stop saying, “I love you.” This one is heartbreaking. You used to say it in the morning and before bed or when you hung up the phone. Sometimes you would even text an “I love you” during the day. Now you utter the words and get nothing. It’s like they didn’t hear you, or they’re ignoring you, or worse yet, they no longer love you back.


For a complete list of signs your partner is cheating, see our home page.



You Found Out Your Partner is Cheating...Now What?


You’re probably feeling betrayed, angry, sad, depressed, and a myriad of other emotions. But it’s crucial you don’t make a rash decision and do something you might regret later. Before you throw your partner’s clothes out the window and start a bonfire, consider the following:


1. Stay calm. Take a deep breath. Even though you’re probably in a very emotional state, take a moment to just breathe and think things through. Instead of going on a screaming rage, breaking things, and becoming destructive, take some time alone. Maybe take a nice, warm shower. We could all use a good shower cry, am I right?


2. Get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Don’t wait! Many STDs, including HIV, can be prevented if you get tested early. AYC seeks to play a role in AIDS and HIV prevention by allowing members to educate themselves about their potential partner's connections to make more informed decisions before intimacy. Today it's possible to protect yourself, your partner, and even your unborn baby from getting infected by staying educated and informed.


3. Ask anything...if you want to know. The truth is out. All the cards are on the table. So if there are lingering questions you want answers to that help with the healing process, now is the time. Many people have one big question — WHY? You ask yourself: Was it something I did? Or something I didn’t do? Often a partner might say, “It just happened,” but that’s rarely the case. Usually, there’s some underlying need that wasn’t met in the relationship, physically or emotionally. Though some might not have a real answer to your “why.” Sadly, it may have just been a little extra excitement, the thrill of the chase.


4. Resist the urge to cheat yourself. Two wrongs don’t make a right. You think you will get back at your partner by doing this. You will feel better for getting even. But the truth is, you will just feel worse about the relationship. And about yourself. Instead, try #5.


5. Give it time. Time heals all wounds, or so they say. Talk things out with your partner, with a professional, with a marriage counselor, or all of the above. See where you want this relationship to go, where it can go, or if it’s already gone. And then do #6.


6. Make a decision. You hashed it out. You know the details. You talked to a counselor and now you must decide, is this relationship worth saving? Do you want to put in the time and work to make things right again? Can you work on building trust? Is the love still there? Or is it over? Are you going to pack your things, go your separate ways, and start a new chapter of your life without each other?


Now that you’ve taken the steps to find out if your partner is cheating, we hope you can build back trust with those individuals or have the strength to start a new chapter of your life whether it be with a new partner or enjoying some time being single.


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