Our Story

AYCSite.com is the brainchild of Justice Johnson, a Washington, D.C., native who has always prided himself on being an innovative thinker. Challenged by a co-worker to name something that could not be found on the Internet, it didn’t take him long to present an answer: there is no site on the Web where one half of a couple can find out if the other is monogamous or not. Dating sites and sites to express an opinion about a person you have dated, yes — but nothing has existed to date to tell you if your mate is romantically linked to another person.

After turning the idea over in his head for a couple of days, Johnson came up with the idea of AYCSite.com/areyoucheating.com. He and co-founder Dr. Michelle Williams then began to develop a state-of-the-art matchmaking system to identify individuals who are involved with multiple partners.

Our Mission

Areyoucheating.com mission is to provide the best online service for individuals seeking exclusivity in their relationship worldwide. To inspire acts of courage, strength, self-empowerment while in a relationship or dating.

Areyoucheating.com is an instrument in the fight against AIDS/HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases that plague our community especially among its young people.