We are all about opening lines of communication and kickstarting dialog before sex

In our efforts to assist, in our own way, with HIV and AIDS prevention, AYCSite.com has been created to get potential partners talking prior to any sexual relations taking place. So why is communication so important as a preventive measure? Quite simply, prospective partners need to be talking about safe sex considerations or concerns before having sex, period.

So often, the "sex talk" happens well after the fact or unfortunately not at all. Lack of communication presents a huge barrier to HIV and AIDS prevention because partners who don't exchange important information about their health and safety before sexual relations occur are actually placing themselves at risk.

AYCSite.com seeks to play a role in AIDS prevention by allowing members to educate themselves about their partner's connections in order to make more informed decisions before intimacy. No matter what your prospective connection results may or may not indicate, if AYCsite.com has you rethinking your next move or encourages you to ask more questions before moving further into any given relationship, then our service has done its job.