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  • Are You Cheating? is designed to answer some of the most nagging questions that might trouble anyone involved in an existing relationship or considering entering into a new one: Am I the only one in my love interest’s life? Is this person who he or she claims to be? Through our custom-design search engine, is the only website that helps you to confront those fears and suspicions, with ease and discretion.

    Our Story

    AYC Site

    A Different Kind of Network

    We launched to help today's sexually active adults become more informed about their potential partners.


    Get Some Dialog Going

    We want to get people talking about sex BEFORE they have sex! The goal is to open the lines of communication before intimacy.


    AIDS & HIV in the USA

    More than one million people are living with HIV in the USA and more than half a million have died after developing AIDS.


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    Our pledge: Ayc: is dedicated in helping to connect those left in the dark No search found results: If you receive a no search found result don't worry, your search is saved in our database and you will receive a notification from us updating you soon a connection is made  Politics & scandals: Update on public officials getting caught Exciting features: Real time results and accurate percentage connections